10 个月前

Terrible place! Service attitude is too bad! This is the first time this happens! Eat a belly! Who goes to this place! Good luck ok! Bad luck, go home hungry and eat! Will never go to this place again! Tipping is directly deducted 18%! ➕ No dishes! ➕ No food! If you want to go! I suggest that everyone eat or eat half full before going! 很糟糕的地方!服务态度太差!第一次遇到这种情况!吃了一肚子气!谁去这个地方!运气好还可以!运气不好,要饿着肚子回家吃!再也不会去这个地方!小费直接扣掉百分之十八!➕菜不给!➕饭不给!要去的话!我建议大家吃饱了或者吃个半饱了再去!回来大家又吃的泡面🍜!

一口福 (MaMa Lu's Dumpling House) - Monterey Park店

153 E Garvey Ave Monterey Park, CA 91755