Customs Clearance Staff/清关专员

1100 Cranbury South River Rd, Monroe Township, NJ 08831, USA
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• 负责货物报关、跟单、查验等相关文件;
• 配合清关公司货物到港,安排卡车公司提货;
• 负责航空货物交仓、安检过线等相关工作;
• 海关进出口商品归类、通关贸易规则;
• 与客户建立良好合作关系;
• 遵守公司内部业务操作流程;
• 提高业务效率、内部把控、成本控制;
• 执行公司安排的业务拓展工作,多渠道优化。


• 拥有一年以上进出口清关业务的工作经验;
• 熟悉物流、海关和清关操作流程,卡车相关行业;
• 具有良好的中英文听、说、读、写能力;
• 熟练使用Word、Excel、PowerPoint等办公软件;
• 善于沟通,有处理突发情况的能力;
• 具备良好的沟通、管理、责任心、协调和学习能力;吃苦耐劳、具有团队精神。

Duties and responsibilities:
• Responsible for declaration, follow-up, inspection, and other related documents
• Cooperate with the customs broker agencies to schedule arrival time, and arrange trucks for pick up
• Responsible for air cargo delivery, security inspection, and other related work
• Classification of customs import and export goods, know well customs clearance trade rules
• Maintain good relationship with customers
• Follow internal business operation procedures of the Company
• Improve business efficiency and reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary expense
• Other business development and multi-channel optimization related tasks assigned by the Company

Job Requirements:
• Minimum one year of work experience in import and export customs clearance business
• Familiar with logistics and customs clearance operation procedures, truck-related industries
• Fluent in both Chinese and English
• Familiar with office software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint
• Good communication skills, ability to deal with unexpected situations
• Excellent Management skills, responsibility, coordination, learning ability, work hard, and team spirit.

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